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"I grew up in a small part of North East Philly. I have always dreamed of following my Grandfather's footsteps to be a country singer."


      Tracy was raised on music by her Grandfather in Homeburgs, PA. Her Grandfather (Slim Chamberlain) was a guitarist/vocalist for a country bluegrass style band. When Tracy was 10 years old, he pushed her to pick up guitar and taught her a few chords. From that moment on music became a way of life. 

      Tracy started singing in Sunday Church services at St.Dominic's, which opened up her love for being on stage.

She was known for being the quiet kid so this was a shock to many people. She really came out of her shell when she was in Highschool joining a numbers of Choirs and selected groups. She didnt stop at singing she expanded her talents to a handful of production plays and musicals with a group called Summer Stock.

     Once she was 15 years old she joined a country band as a lead singer. It wasnt until she turned 22 that she decided
to let her songs be heard. She was in a band called Whiskey Chords. They played many shows in Philly and South Street. They even could be heard on The Brotherhood Radio station. They did many interviews and were growing fast but the guitarist of the band was in the military and needed to 
move on. Although Tracy was sad to see him go it did open up doors for both of them. She joined a rock band and learned some new tricks. Then she finally put her own band, The Tracy Chamberlain Band together. While in this band she joined side projects such as Dirt Road Anthem, Plays with Fire, and some other smaller recording projects. She was even given the chance to open for Kenny Chesney in 2014. 

      Currently, She is playing out as much as possible and focusing on her original music. Tracy just recorded The Nashville EP in Nashville TN at County Q Productions.
The EP is released on all online platforms along with the website store. She will be planning a full album "Red Valley Road" which will come out 2019. 

"Its my biggest dream to one day be able to make my Grandfather proud of who I turned out to be. I have been on a mission to make music from the heart and let people hear my
stories and know where I came from and just how great my 
Grandfather was for inspiring me. I hope you will follow my journey and be a part of this with me."

                                                                            Thank you,                                         Tracy

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