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New to Twitch! Tracy has started streaming on the Twitch Platform. She is playing a variety of video games and even doing some music streams from time to time. She has been using the alias of Kadeykat220.


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Why did you pick the name Kadeykat220?

 I have always used the name Kadey in every game I have played and the Kat part is because I want to tie animals into my channel too. The 220 is my Bday.


Why did you become a streamer?

Covid really slowed down my pet sitting business and its rough trying to get music gigs so I turned to my favorite past time, gaming. I tried to make something of it to feel a little more productive. I'm so glad I did because the twitch community has been so inviting. 

What is your goal with Twitch?

My goal is to be able to raise money for animal shelters while building a community and possibly a part time job out of it. Even after I go back to working and playing out I would like to keep growing. 

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